Everyday Heroes

This is to the unsung heroes of everyday life!!!

There is nothing glorious about a person doing his job day after day…sometimes with enthusiasm…sometimes lazily…sometimes even contrary to one’s beliefs and conviction.Once you are adults you fend for yourself. that’s the rule, isn’t it? So, what’s the big deal?

Even i hadn’t thought about it till i became indirectly involved in witnessing injustice unfolding on a dear one.

A man works as an employee to provide for his family. As a single working member he has many liabilities…old mother, sister at home, a growing child…and little of whatever wishes he can manage to fulfill, to remind himself he is alive and he has dreams too.It’s not much to ask but if you have an unreasonable superior it’s a totally different ball game.

“Animality” is one of the evil life states i have studied in Daishonin’s Buddhism.It comes from the “survival of the fittest rule” of Jungle but in much ghastlier way. Human beings who are top of the pyramid of evolution, meant to encompass feelings of love and compassion choose to work from their primal instincts of torturing the weaker or lesser and flattering the more powerful ones.Only difference is animals do it to satisfy their hunger humans choose for much baser reasons.These so called  “humans” bully another because they have control over the livelihood of the junior.They feel it’s the birthright to fling indignities on people whose hands are tied by love for their near ones.And if the torturer is also the owner and board member of the company, then God save you!!!

Weighed down by responsibility of family these underprivileged ones are nothing less than heroes to put up with hostile environment day after day… waiting for that  phone call which can take them away from this living hell!It takes enormous courage to get out of the bed and go to work waiting to be ticked off even when you are right. It takes a lot of character to hold on to your principles and still think of ways so than your unforgiving employer can benefit!

Yes they are heroes indeed, for they have chosen to act out of love when others around them have chosen to be (not animals for animals care too when they aren’t hungry) brutal.