The Weird Das

In my last post I had mentioned we are a bit weird.

I would like to give you a glimpse of our weirdness.

A normal weekend people like to laze, read or just relax. We do the same only our methods of relaxing are bit different.

My husband grabs on djambe to practice along with my daughter. The hitch here is arr…. he doesn’t quite know how to play. He just slaps or pounds on djambe to create what he thinks is “rhythm”. My daughter plays along, she gets her set of toy maracas and both create enough cacophony to give the original Cacophonix from Asterix serious competition. The quiet and peace is broken enough to give a splitting headache early morning.

Stop them…. you can’t. Can anybody stop the sun from rising….can anyone stop waves from crashing. This is the intensity and passion they attack on the instrument.

Beginning of a glorious day
The das version of cacophonix
Breaking peace
It was absolutely jarring. But they were without any care.How does one curb this pure enthusiasm?…even if it is totally out of sync.
What’s a girl to do when rest of the family seem incorrigible….well joining them seemed most sensible thing to do.They did look happy…So I joined the party too!
Family that goofs together stays together

Together we created the “beginning of civilization” entertainment like how god meant it to be.


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