the awesaome weird family
The Wierd Das… all three of them

This is my second attempt in blogging!

The first one didn’t quite work….let’s say serious writers’ block. When I had started that one I felt I would just wow the world with my… let’s say superior abilities (yeah….I feel I am grandiose too!!!). then I didn’t have too much to write. I did manage to write a few stuff which was ok but words wouldn’t flow. So I thought of keeping it simple this time around, make fresh start writing what I know best….my sometimes-boring-sometimes-weird-funny life.

Above is my family portrait (sorry…. done by me). You see I love blogs with illustrations in it. I find it endearing so even if I am not a cartoonist or artist I thought of putting it nevertheless. Everytime I make it may turn out to be different depiction, so I have come up with this guide —
Oval face with thick mustache will be my husband.
Round face with mop of curly hair will be me.
Small variable face will be my 5 year old daughter’s…. Oh! Check for long eyelashes. (that’s her concept of depicting girls)

We live as a small nuclear family in a big busy city. Each of us have lot of quirks to fill in the descriptions and I shall do so time to time.

For now I am happy to get started.


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